Welcome to our Wholesale dip mixes/ Fundraising dip mixes website. We hope to explain how Fundraising and/or  wholesale with Judecraft Specialty Foods gourmet dip mixes will allow you to purchase America's finest tasting dip mixes at an affordable price. We have expanded our specialty foods menu now offering delicious dry drink mixes and soup mixes for wholesale or fundraising as well. Your organization will raise needed funds and also have a succesful fundraising experience.  Many of our customers represent schools themselves raising funds for their school programs such as sports teams, music clubs ,cheerleading etc.  Some also want to earn the extra income by running fundraisers themselves with the schools. We will be pleased to help you and/or the organization attain your goals regardless of what they may be.

For those interested in selling our products at fairs and festival we are cost competitive and will provide excellent pricing per package. Just call Judi at 413-592-7892  for a quote and learn how you can pay less for a top quality product and make more of a profit at the end of the day. Judi does events herself, understands the hard work required and is flexible with her customers needs.

Our quality gourmet dips have been available for several years now. We also provide cheesecake dessert mixes and olive oil bread dips/cooking blends. Make delicious cheeseballs, cheesecake pies, shrimp scampi dinner and many more delicious recipes with our products. We are often advised that our specialty food products are the finest tasting. In this day and age customers not only look at cost but quality of taste as well. We can assure you that with our products we offer both fair cost and excellent taste. "Where The Taste Says It All" is our motto.


Thanks again for visiting our site and please continue to learn about our Fundraising wholesale dip mixes /specialty foods program and how it can benefit organizations as well as yourself. Always feel free to contact us via phone or email. We can provide you with all the tools you need and more detailed information. Learn how you can earn up to a 50% profit for your group or benefit. Please feel free to visit our main website at: www.judecraftspecialtyfoods.com  for additional information as well as a retail shopping cart on all our products.

Tel. 413-592-7892  email: az66cowgirl@charter.net


For additional outstanding products such as dry cocktail drink mixes, soup mixes, salsa, jams, condiments, bbq sauces, hot sauces  and more, contact our good friends at  www.thecrimsonlion.com  Tel. 413-642-5288 or we can help you directly.



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