How It Works           


Fundraising with our wholesale gourmet dip mixes is as easy as A,B,C. Judecraft Specialty Foods offers America's finest tasting dip mixes, cheesecake dessert mixes, olive oil bread dips and cooking blends.  We make Fundraising dip mixes easy because the taste is impeccable as the mixes sell themselves. Below is a basic guideline of how the program works.

A- START-You can either use your name ie group, your business name or our name. We can supply packages with or without labels. We can attach labels or send out products for you to label. We will provide all the necessary information such as Flavor name, ingredients, weight, etc. so you have all proper information and meet food safety regulations.

B- FLAVORS- We provide a list of available flavors on an order form. We also update this website with current and new flavors being offered. The order form lists each flavor on  a spreadsheet  containing customer name, flavor/s desired, quantity desired, address, etc. Many customers choose to design their own order form or use ours as a guide for flavors offered and keeping track of orders placed.

C- ORDERS- Once orders are completed you will collect funds from all the orders taken by yourself and/ or the group. SAMPLE- EXAMPLE: For instance if you sell a grand total of 500 packages at $5.00 each, your total  sales would be $2500.00. Collect payments for the orders taken and submit a check to Judecraft Specialty Foods  for your actual cost. Your cost is based on a reduced cost per package plus shipping charges. We can also quote the shipping charges in advance to you. Once we receive payment from you we will forward all the products. The organization should  make at least a 50 % profit or more. Please note that all costs include our Judecraft Specialty Foods label. If you choose to  label yourself or want us to make specific  labels with your name applied there will be an additional cost.

The advantage to our Fundraising dip mixes program  is that there is no up front cost to you or the organization.

Now thats how easy it is to run a Fundraiser. For more information, costs, forms etc .

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